Wing Power Fund

Wing Power Fund Program

‘sometimes we need a little wing power to fly’

The Wing Power Fund is intended to help people who experience financial hardship as a result of their cancer/chronic disease diagnosis and treatment. The program helps people at every point of their journey including diagnosis, treatment, palliative care and survivorship.

Pajama Angels believes in integrative health care which is best described by the Canadian Cancer Society “Integrative cancer care is a comprehensive approach to treating people. It offers the best of both complementary and conventional medicines. At cancer centres with integrative cancer care, complementary therapies are offered along with conventional cancer treatments by a team of health professionals from both fields. An example of integrative cancer care is a cancer centre that offers a number of complementary programs such as massage therapy as a standard way to help patients manage stress and create a sense of well-being.”

Terms and Conditions of Wing Power Fund

All information collected herein is for assessing your eligibility for the Wing Power Fund. By submitting this form, you authorize Pajama Angels to have one or more representatives contact you or your health care team/providers for further details regarding your application.  Your information is not shared with any other parties or agencies without your consent.

Pajama Angels reserves the right to refuse any request for funds and does not have to provide reasons for such.


Funding is available for complementary services in emergency, short-term situations or when funding from other sources and services are not available. Expenses incurred within 6 months of the date of the application will be considered.  Any Adult or Child who is undergoing treatment in Windsor-Essex County for their Cancer or Chronic disease and who is experiencing a financial burden as a result is eligible to apply.

It is expected that applicants will have applied or made use of other forms of financial assistance prior to accessing this funding source. Applicants may receive up to $750

Application Process

Interested persons must complete ALL SECTIONS 1-7 on the application form. Incomplete applications will not be processed.  If you are completing the application on someone’s behalf, you must be able to provide all of the information required AND obtain applicant’s signature.

Previous Wing Power Fund recipients may reapply no sooner than 12 months from their last funding date.  At times we need to put applications on hold for up to 90 days due to lack of funding.  After 90 days the submitted application is no longer valid.

Review Process

Applications will be reviewed within 30 days of receipt.

Completed Applications can be submitted by email or fax.

Disclaimer: Pajama Angels do not claim to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure.  The use of any or alternative/complementary therapies is at the discretion of the individual in consult with their health care team & providers.

People assisted

People with cancer

People with a chronic disease

in funding to applicants

“I would like to thank Pajama Angels for the kind donation of money, dandelion tea, awesome book and the folder of items. I am so grateful for your support. There are no words that can express how much this means to me. “I was speechless.” Just knowing there are people out there who truly care makes a huge difference in my life. Thank you so much! When I’m feeling better I would like to meet each and every one of you. I know I have a long journey ahead of me and I will stay positive and continue to move forward. I will fight the fight and I will win…win. Lots of Hugs!”

Patty T.

June 16, 2015

“Wow, I just got a surprise package in the mail.
I cried when I opened it. Information on nutrition, a big bag of dandelion root for tea, free sessions to try some holistic healing and a very generous check that will help a lot with moving.
Thank you Pajama Angels.
You guys are truly Angels!”

Veronica P.
August 2015

Voicemail: “I got a cheque from you guys, yesterday, from the wing Fund and just want to say thanks and it’s uh I can’t believe that there are actually out there that help people. I have been suffering with my diagnosis for 20 years. I will put it to good use and buy some herbs and supplements. Anyways God Bless you and hope you get rewarded in life.”

September 2013

“I would like to thank you very much for the cheque you sent and also for the helpful information that you sent.  I appreciate the help very much.  You have been a real blessing to me and I am sure to many others.  I pray that you will be blessed abundantly for what you are doing!”

September 2013

“I am overwhelmed by the generosity of your organization.  Words cannot express how much this will help me in my struggle.  As a single mother, finances have been tight and your generosity has enabled me to ensure I have the ability to care of myself and my child at least for a little while.  Form the bottom of my heart, I thank you. God Bless.”

September 2013

“ My road to recovery looks brighter and brighter for all the loving and caring supportive friends, family and organizations have all become members of my team. “I will Survive” Thank You for my Wing Power.  In will come healing, out will go cancer.”

December 2013

“You guys are a truly amazing group of people. I have been personally helped by you guys and am beyond thankful. You have eased so many stresses in my battle with cancer with your kindness. Receiving your help had me in tears feeling beyond thankful and blessed. Thank you guys so much for everything you do in the community and for people battling like me.

You accomplish amazing things for people who feel like everyone has
forgotten them or are struggling and feel there is no help and you brighten their days and show them people care and there is help. I know once I beat this cancer and am fully on my feet I plan on giving back to your cause and even encourage everyone to look into helping your cause to help. “

Used with permission from a Pajama Angels’ Wing Power Fund Recipient
July 2016

Wing Power Fund Sponsors

Thank you to those who donate services and products to our recipients

Integrative Healing & Yoga sponsor Reiki Treatments to fund recipients

Of special mention, Integrative Healing & Yoga sponsor complimentary Reiki Treatments to all of our Wing Power Fund recipients & their families.

Thank you to Brandi Rivait Yoga and her amazing support of our Wing Power Fund program

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