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The healing properties and benefits of yoga, an ancient healing practice, inspired our signature annual fundraising event


The Wing Power Fund helps people with financial hardship as a result of their diagnosis and treatment.


$0.88 cents of every dollar you donate supports our local community. Please help support our cause!


Our volunteers are at the heart of our organization and events. We couldn’t do it without them!

Pajama Angels

Pajama Angels is a local Not-For-Profit Charity raising Awareness, Action and Advocacy for all cancers and chronic diseases through integrative health initiatives. A major annual signature fundraising event is Yoga4Hope.

What is a Pajama Angel?

An Angel is a divine being that acts as a messenger of a higher spirit. A Pajama Angel is an everyday being hoping to make a difference for others in their community and they are sometimes seen in pajamas.

Mission Statement

Pajama Angels are an incorporated not-for profit grass roots provincial charity dedicated to creating awareness, action and advocacy for all cancers and chronic diseases through integrative health initiatives. We take action by providing “Wing Power Fund” financial assistance to applicants affected by cancer and chronic diseases to those seeking alternative and complimentary therapies and supporting local research of natural and non-toxic alternatives to cancer and diseases.

Vision Statement

We will assist in improving the lives of those affected by cancer and chronic diseases through our hard work and dedication because we believe that united we cure.


Pajama Angels is committed to raising funds for local communities and focuses on an integrative approach towards cancer and illnesses, since 2002. Officially established in 2007, Pajama Angels believes that everything is interconnected through the body, mind and spirit, and embraces all ribbon colors. In 2012, it became incorporated as a not-for-profit as Pajama Angels United We Cure with five voluntary board of directors. Through personal circumstances, the hope for a cure for Breast Cancer was the driving force behind Pajama Angels. Maggie, (read more about Maggie’s Wings) who is Darlene and Judy’s sister, lost her fight due to complications of the disease.
Clara, who is their aunt, fought Breast Cancer for two years and passed away in 2014. The girls’ mom Magdalena, however, won the fight against Breast Cancer and has been a victor since 1994. With so many family members affected with cancer and different illnesses, the mission of Pajama Angels will always stay strong. Spending most mornings and late nights in pajamas, Darlene and Judy incorporated their reality with their sister Maggie’s fascination with Angels. They also loved the historical mission Angels portray and thinking this name as the most appropriate for the organization, Pajama Angels emerged.

Voluntary Board Of Directors





Darlene Szecsei-Albano,  RN, BScN | Reiki Master set out in her calling to assist people to heal as a Registered Nurse at local hospitals in various roles of front-line staff & management.

Growing up, she spent much time in her father’s automotive stamping business Titan Tool & Die Limited where she has for the last decade or so,  been the Chief Executive Officer.

Her husband Joe for over 20 years and their 2 dogs have kept her grounded and her heart full.

Her biggest heartache was watching her sister die from complications of breast cancer in 2002. She has also said good-bye to her aunt Clara for the same disease. Her mother, Magdalena is breast cancer warrior and her husband Joe is a kidney cancer warrior.

She co-founded Pajama Angels with fellow board member and sister Judy in memory of their sister Maggie in the hope to make a difference in her community.





Judith M. Szecsei-Beale completed her Bachelor of Fine Arts, with an honours in Printmaking 1984, at the University of Windsor, along with her Bachelor of Education in 1985 at University of Western Ontario.

She always had a love of fabrics and fashion, for even at a young age, she began to sew doll clothes out of Kleenex.  Enrolled in Fine Arts at the University of Windsor, these skills helped her evolve her creative talent.

While pregnant with her first child, eventually 3 more arrived, she took her very first quilting class at the nudging of a friend.   Fast forward 20 years, born were rotary cutters and acrylic templates.  Judy’s Inspiration was the work of Susan Carlson‘s pink rhino and Judy’s raw edge free form fabric collage passion was born.

Judy has created many beautiful pieces with this new found love that she has donated to Pajama Angels that she help co-found with her sister Darlene.








Marylise Fabbro is a life long resident of Windsor, now living in LaSalle.  She is the married mom of three married sons and Nonna to four grandchildren. Marylise ran a successful home based business for many years. She has volunteered hundreds of hours on various Boards including PAC at her son’s school as both Board member and Board President, Board of Directors of The Inn of Windsor, Residential and Supportive Apartment Living Transition Programs for Youth, House Committee at Essex Golf & Country Club and Chairperson of Player Services 2002 AT&T Canada Senior Open.  Marylise joined Pajama Angels in February 2012 and serves as Board Treasurer.  She uses her knowledge, talents and caring personality to help Pajama Angels fulfill its mission to assist those in need. 




Lisa Defoe is an Assistant Crown Attorney who has resided in Windsor the vast majority of her life. She has participated in many community organizations throughout the years. She is committed to giving back to the community and is privileged to be able to so through such organizations as Pajama Angels and Dragon Boats.

Lisa believes that “Pajama Angels is an invaluable resource to the public for education, funding and making a positive difference in the lives of others.”  She is proud to be a board member of Pajama Angels.




Vice President- Strategy

Kelly Gregoire was born in Windsor but lived her younger years across Canada.  She attended the University of Windsor, settled in LaSalle with her husband and 2 daughters and is currently Vice President of Human Resources at Caesars Windsor.  Kelly loves the diverse and beautiful nature in Windsor-Essex, spending active time outdoors with her family cycling and running.  Kelly also is passionate about supporting our community and actively volunteers for several organizations, often alongside her two teenage daughters.  Being a member of the Pajama Angels team is a great blend of her love for health and wellness and helping others in our amazing community.

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